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Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. is a privately-held, veteran-owned company that improves the quality of life for Service members, veterans and their families through outcomes-based solutions focused on readiness and resilience. Our Mission is to deliver quality of life services and support that make a positive difference for individuals, families, organizations and communities. For more than 35 years, we have relied on our employees’ passion for service, range of professional abilities and depth of experience to serve the military community. We are proud of the difference we make every day and we are proud to employ the people who defend our country, and we are happy to help them build a new life.

military culture

Zeiders offers online courses geared toward specific military branches and their cultures. If an employees will be working on a military base or with a specific branch they will be made accustom to the culture of that specific service branch. These Military 101 courses provides Zeiders staff the information and contextual background required to understand the cultural and lexical intricacies and differences of the branches of the United States Armed Forces. At the conclusion of the series, learners will be able to speak generally about the history of each military branch, recognize rank to appropriately address service members, utilize colloquialisms and service terminology correctly, and appreciate military ceremonies, customs and traditions.

military spouse recruitment and hiring

We work with nearby military bases, family readiness offices and transition assistance programs to target military spouses in the area of our job opportunities. We are a MSEP Partner, and we work with other groups dedicated specifically to finding work for military spouses. We participate in career fairs geared towards military spouses and we develop job listings tailored for military spouses.

In addition, we favor military spouses over similarly qualified applicants.

military caregiver policy

In addition to the work we do to target military spouses, we also advertise our flexible work schedules, telework and remote employment opportunities, as well as being flexible with reducing hours and allowing intermittent leave options when possible. These are things that are on the forefront of every military caregivers minds when looking for employment opportunities.

orientation training and onboarding

  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Employee Training
  • On-boarding program

civilian credential support

We offer tuition assistance or other financial support toward the preparation, attainment, and/or maintaining of an academic or professional certificate, degree, or another civilian credentialWe have something called the Zeiders Advancement Grant (ZAG). This is a professional development benefit eligible for our employees that funds beneficial professional development activities. The benefit may be used for: attendance/participation at conference/industry events; certificate-awarding learning programs; or degree-granting programs. The ZAG may also be awarded for prep courses toward certification but not for certification test fees.

senior leadership

90% of our Zeiders senior leadership are military connected, below are a few spotlights.

Mike Zeiders - Chairman of the Board - He provides the strategic vision for the development and implementation of solutions in support of the evolving needs of Service members, veterans, their families and commands.

Paul Richardson - President and CEO - As President and CEO he has strategic and operational responsibility for the company’s worldwide components, and formulates and oversees the implementation of the organization strategic plan ensuring coordination with Zeiders mission, vision and commitment to core values.

Dorian Anderson - Director of Corporate Development - As the Director for Corporate Development, he is responsible for bringing Zeiders’ quality of life services to new clients and partners through innovative plans utilizing both short and long-term growth strategies. He spearheads business ventures and selects teaming porters for contract bids.

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