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Hilton is a leading global hospitality company, with a portfolio of 18 world-class brands comprising of nearly 6,100 properties in 119 countries and territories. Dedicated to fulfilling its mission to be the world’s most hospitable company, Hilton earned the #1 spot for the 2nd consecutive year on Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work for in 2020. Veterans have been embedded in Hilton’s culture for over 100 years, starting with our founder, U.S. Army veteran Conrad Hilton. In 2013, Hilton launched Operation: Opportunity with a commitment to hire 10,000 U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses by 2018. We are proud to have accomplished that goal two years ahead of schedule. Hilton has pledged to build on its reputation as a military-friendly company and expand its commitment to hire 25,000 additional veterans, military spouses and caregivers by 2025.

We believe military hires are a natural fit at Hilton because of our shared values like leadership, integrity, and teamwork. The initiative has become part of our culture and our Team Members have a great sense of pride in being the military-friendly hospitality company.

military culture

While training is not mandated, all new hires in talent acquisition centers use our training programs and resources.

We provide military programs overview through our Military 101 program and also provide training on screening and interviewing and refresh training annually on our military programs. Our Military Boot Camp provides virtual online training to recruiters across the enterprise to help them connect with and better serve military candidates. We’ve also created a dedicated internal website to provide the tools and resources all of our corporate offices and managed and franchise properties (over 4,000 properties) to assist them in sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and supporting military hires across the US.

military spouse recruitment and hiring

As part of our Operation Opportunity initiative, we created an innovative Military Spouse Hiring Program in our Hilton Reservations & Customer Care (HRCC) Center. Our signature program provides opportunities for military spouses and partners to work remotely, giving them the flexibility to move from base to base or anywhere they call home.

We have implemented a notification for recruiters to identify military spouse candidates in our applicant tracking system. Additionally, we have put in place preferential screening for spouses who have met basic qualifications for the role.

We have worked directly with military bases, naval stations and forts to promote opportunities with our work-from-home program. Benefits of this program include part-time schedules, performance-based incentives, hotel discounts, paid time off, 401K, paid online training, paid maternity leave and 24/7 support for personal life needs. As part of this program, our HRCC team has tailored recruiting, hiring and training practices to fit the work-life balance of military families, who may move often or may not live near an HRCC office. Military spouses are provided “core” hours which gives them stability in scheduling and the ability to work around family needs.

We have a virtual training platform which allows us to recruit, hire and train new Team Members anywhere in the United States not just at HRCC office locations in Tampa and Dallas. This new process will streamline our process to onboard new hires and allows us to open up opportunities to spouses in 30 states. These virtual information sessions are targeted towards military spouses and provide information about the company and career opportunities, specifically at the HRCC. Topics in the session include review of the hiring process, company information, an overview of our HRCC centers and job requirements, training overview, compensation, benefits and career opportunities as well as an overview of the job requirements such as equipment and scheduling needs.

military caregiver policy

In 2013, Hilton launched Operation: Opportunity with an initial commitment to hire 10,000 U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses within five years. We hit that goal two years ahead of schedule and have now made over 30,000 military hires. We are proud to commit to an additional 25,000 military hires (this includes veterans, spouses, caregivers and family members) by the end of 2025 across our portfolio of our owned, managed and franchised properties. We believe military hires are a natural fit at Hilton because of our shared values like leadership, integrity, and teamwork. The initiative has become part of our culture and our Team Members have a great sense of pride in being the military-friendly hospitality company.

retention support

We offer a retention support program for all military connected employees regardless of the sub groups people may belong to,We offer retention support programming designed specifically for currently service Guard and Reserve employees,We offer retention support programming designed specifically for military spouse employees,We offer retention support programming designed specifically for military caregiver employees,We offer retention support programming designed specifically for women veterans,We offer retention support programming designed specifically for minority veterans (minority veterans include but are not limited to people of color, women, LGBTQ, and (non) religious minorities)

orientation training and onboarding

  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Employee Training
  • On-boarding program
  • Mentorship program
  • Other

military connected assistance

For All:
Our Military Team Member Resource Group (MTMRG) is mentioned during our onboarding program and includes Guard and Reserve members, Veterans, military spouses and family members.

• Quarterly recognition of Team Members.
• A property “commander” position to lead the military initiatives at each hotel property.
• Creation of “challenge coins”, similar to military awarded coins, which are given to Team Members who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to our military programs.
• DOD approved military service lapel pins for our military Team Members to wear with their hotel uniforms.

For Military Spouses:
Military spouses are celebrated during the annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day in May. Roses and a note of appreciation were handed out to all military spouse Team Members and personal emails of appreciation were sent to our remote military spouses. In addition and mentioned earlier, our Military Spouses
are provided policies and benefits including 24/7 support for personal needs, core hours, early promotion dates and work from home positions.

For Guard and Reserve:
Hilton offers continuation of healthcare during mobilizations for eligible Guard and Reserve Team Members and their dependents for up to 18 months (Medical and Dental). Contributions, benefits and service credit with respect to uniformed service duty are provided in accordance with Section 414(u) of the IRS code. In addition, PhychArmor.org, a national non-profit, provides free education and support for Americans who work with, live with and care about veterans for help with financial issues, PCS, disabilities and much more. Veterans can call in or managers may call in as well.

Hilton offers pay for Guard and Reserve members fulfilling their commitment to active military service by paying the full difference between their civilian pay and their military pay when on involuntary leave for up to 12 months. Team Members who are called up for active military duty in the Reserves or National Guard may receive supplemental pay. When their military pay is less than their Hilton pay, Hilton makes up the difference. Supplemental pay is voluntary for employers to provide, and is available to Hilton Team Members after only one year. Pay continues through the tour of duty or for a 12-month period, whichever comes first.

In accordance with the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA), Hilton provides a pay differential between civilian and military pay for Team Members with at least twelve months of service who are involuntarily called to military duty as long as they are active Team Members at the time of official notification from the military. This includes deployment, annual training and any additional training as required by the military for active duty. The pay differential continues for a period of twelve months or until the end of the Team Member’s tour of duty, whichever occurs first.

For Military Caregivers:
Additional benefits offered to Team Members while on active duty or military leave of absence that help families include our employee assistance program, the Blackstone Marketplace offering deep discounts on premium items, and MyLifeResources that provides support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues and challenges that they may face such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and much more. In addition, we have child & elder care referrals, social and counseling services, legal advice, finances and budgeting, information about moving, relocation and housing assistance and other topics.

For Women, Minorities, and LGBTQ+:
Hilton offers the following Team Member Resource Groups (TMRGS): African American, Women, Asian & Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, LGBTQ+ & Friends, People with Disabilities and Millennials in addition to our Military Team Member Resource Group. TMRGs are designed to bring together and celebrate our uniqueness and commonalities and often times military Team Members will join the military TMRG and another TMRG that may speak to their affinity to other groups. TMRGs offer mentoring, a sense of connection, development, opportunities to meet other colleagues, engage in the community and network within the organization.

civilian credential support

We offer tuition assistance or other financial support toward the preparation, attainment, and/or maintaining of an academic or professional certificate, degree, or another civilian credential,We offer apprenticeships, internships, or other formalized, structured training program/s to assist with the attainment of a civilian credentialAll of our Team Members are eligible for tuition reimbursement, student loan refinancing options and GED and ESL assistance.

GED/High School Completion Assistance: our expanded full-paid General Education Development (GED) certification program includes a new and more flexible path through the Career Online High School.

Hilton has participated in the US Chamber of Commerce Corporate Fellowship Program which consists of training on-site with the company and class room training provided by Hiring our Heroes. All participants are on active duty but are preparing for transition. Our program consists of an 11-week training program providing rotation through every department and a focused training in the areas of interest.

In addition, Hilton has donated nearly 525 million Hilton Honors points to more than 5,300 veterans to redeem for free hotel stays while traveling for job interviews, job training or certifications, whether with Hilton or in any industry.

senior leadership

We can provide additional information on Denis McCarthy, Chief Risk Officer, if needed.

Transitioning out of the military and looking for a job? The Military Times Job Board has listings from companies looking to hire vets.