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Founded in 1975, AMERICAN SYSTEMS is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States. We are a government services contractor focused on delivering Strategic Solutions to complex national priority programs with 100+ locations worldwide. Our employee-owners are encouraged to make a difference, implement new ideas in a collaborative environment, and focus on mission critical success. Through our focus on quality, strong cultural beliefs and innovation we deliver excellence every day.

military culture

AMERICAN SYSTEMS received a Virginia Values Veterans (V3) certification, which provides training for employers on best practices in recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining veterans. Topics included: “Military 101,” “Veteran Unemployment and Obstacles to Hiring Veterans,” “What Employers Value and What Veterans Value,” “Developing the Business Case for Hiring Veterans,” “Designing and Readying the Workforce,” “Dispelling Myths About PTSD,” "Understanding USERRA, “The Value of Hiring a National Guardsman,” “On-the-Job Training and Apprenticeship Programs,” "Working with a LVER,” and “Developing an Organizational Veteran Hiring Plan.” AMERICAN SYSTEMS external Labor Counsel conducts a managerial training, which includes training on USERRA. An employee received the Senior Army Instructor Badge (SAIB) through coursework and training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona to follow the Army’s training guidelines. She took the Army Basic Instructor Course. The modules of the course include Couse Introduction, ATED Overview, Prepare to Deliver Instruction, Evaluate Instruction, and Deliver Instruction. She gained the senior level through documented training to soldiers, as well as additional online coursework (Prepare to Conduct Training, Executing and Assessing Training/Training Management).

military spouse recruitment and hiring

AMERICAN SYSTEMS has an external website dedicated specifically to our support of the whole military community ( ). Our external page has our commitment to veterans, military spouses, and their families. This commitment was endorsed by our President and CEO, Peter Smith. The commitment states, “We are committed to being a veteran-centric organization that identifies, enhances, and fulfills the careers, interests, and well-being of veterans, military spouses, and their families…so whether you are transitioning from your military career, have been or are a military spouses, or have been in the civilian workforce for decades, we welcome you with open arms—and thank you for your service.”

retention support

We offer a retention support program for all military connected employees regardless of the sub groups people may belong to

orientation training and onboarding

  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Employee Training
  • On-boarding program
  • Mentorship program

military connected assistance

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is proud to say that our retention rates have continued to improve year over year. An example of this is our office at Edwards Airforce Base in California where our team does test and evaluation on the F-35. This team consists of pilots, weapons systems experts and technicians. The management there has devised a program that consists of during-work and off-hours team building that includes family outings, team building and meetings that continues to keep tough-to-find talent engaged in the mission and with the company. There are many examples of this across the company. Since veterans are generally so mission focused and value being part of a team, AMERICAN SYSTEMS consistently keeps that idea top of mind in our values and our communications.

civilian credential support

We offer tuition assistance or other financial support toward the preparation, attainment, and/or maintaining of an academic or professional certificate, degree, or another civilian credential,We offer apprenticeships, internships, or other formalized, structured training program/s to assist with the attainment of a civilian credentialAMERICAN SYSTEMS accepts military experience and certifications in lieu of civilian technical certifications. These include, Defense acquisition university graduation; military welder qualifications; diesel engine inspector certification; MOS certification in lieu of college education (i.e. 92Y, 92, 3002, 2S0X1, 64PX, 63AX, 62SO, AK, 316X, 310X, 652X related to procurement/supply field); marine gas turbine inspector cert; steam generation plant inspector cert; combat systems maintenance manager; AEGIS (SPY Radar) technician; air conditioning and refrigeration technician; DAWIA (i.e. DAWIA PM Level 3 as equivalent for PMP); electrician/electronics provided by military (i.e. Class A/C schools in the Navy). As a government contractor, the government may require certain certifications without substitution. For positions that require civilian certifications and won't accept military experience in lieu, we will pay for veterans to become certified (i.e. Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, cabling solutions, etc.)

senior leadership

50% of our senior leadership have a military background. This includes our Vice President of Business Development, two of our Vice President/General Managers, and all three members of our Board of Directors.

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