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Founded in 1823, Con Edison has fueled and sustained the growth of Greater New York for nearly two centuries. Today, we operate one of the world’s largest energy delivery systems, and provide electric, gas, and steam service for the 10 million people who live in New York

Our three principles of safety, operational excellence, and enhancing the customer experience drive everything we do. We set high expectations for our company and employees, and make it our mission to:
Provide energy to our customers safely, reliably, and sustainably
Cultivate a workplace that allows employees to realize their full potential
Provide a fair return to our investors
Improve the quality of life in the communities we serve
City and Westchester County. From the lights on Broadway and financial markets of Wall Street, to boutiques in Brooklyn and homes on Staten Island, our services touch every corner of the most exciting region in the country.

The power of our company lies in the nearly 15,000 women and men who make up our team. We strive to create an empowering and welcoming workplace that embodies the diverse backgrounds and experiences that make New York so iconic, dynamic, and great. We want to foster a thriving and inclusive culture, and keep tabs on our progress to see how far we’ve come and to set goals for the future.

military culture

Human resource professionals ( HRP's ) are trained yearly on structure of enlisted ( MOS ), and Officer ( Designators ), and how they fall into job openings. This is conducted by the Veterans Engagement Leader ( Recruitment )during yearly staff presentation.

orientation training and onboarding

  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Employee Training
  • On-boarding program
  • Mentorship program
  • Other

civilian credential support

We offer tuition assistance or other financial support toward the preparation, attainment, and/or maintaining of an academic or professional certificate, degree, or another civilian credentialCon Edison has tuition reimbursement for all employees. We also offer training at our learning center that can supply credentials that can be used at other Utilities or businesses.
The company is pro- education and supports all members to enhance their careers either through College, on site training at the learning center, or E-learning provided through our learning center portal.

senior leadership

Dee Ostrowski ( General Manager Electric Operations ) Navy Veteran
Andy Tiao ( General Manager ) Army Veteran
William Washington ( General Manager Electric Operations ) Navy Reservist
Art Hudman ( Section Manager ) Coast Guard Veteran and Reservist
Patrick Hanley ( Section Manager )Coast Guard Veteran and Reservist
Robert Forloine ( Construction Manager ) USMC Veteran
Matthieu Maynard ( Section Manager ), USMC Veteran

Transitioning out of the military and looking for a job? The Military Times Job Board has listings from companies looking to hire vets.