Culpeper County Sheriff's Office

100 29 Culpeper, Virginia

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Culpeper County Sheriff's Office is led by Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins and is an accredited law enforcement agency in Culpeper County, Virginia. The county is located 65 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., and is home to more than 46,000 residents. The agency handles patrols, investigations, crime prevention, and court security in the community; the agency includes the Culpeper County Jail.

military culture

Recruiters attend V3 (Virginia Values Veterans) webinars and training days at least twice per year.

Human resources professionals receive training re: veteran-specific parts of Culpeper County personnel management plan and Culpeper County Sheriff's Office general orders at least once per year.

military spouse recruitment and hiring

Culpeper County Sheriff's Office participates in V3's initiative to recruit/hire military spouses.

retention support

We offer retention support programming designed specifically for currently service Guard and Reserve employees

orientation training and onboarding

  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Employee Training
  • Mentorship program

civilian credential support

We offer tuition assistance or other financial support toward the preparation, attainment, and/or maintaining of an academic or professional certificate, degree, or another civilian credentialTuition reimbursement

senior leadership

Command staff disseminates veteran-specific information, in addition to Veterans POC.

Transitioning out of the military and looking for a job? The Military Times Job Board has listings from companies looking to hire vets.