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Signature Performance is an industry leader in providing healthcare administrative services to providers and payers in the public and private sectors. Signature’s unique tools, technology, knowledge, and execution capabilities drive unprecedented financial performance, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and compliance improvements. At Signature Performance, we are committed to leaving a lasting impact on the communities we serve and reducing the cost of healthcare administrative services.

military spouse recruitment and hiring

We post our open Military Treatment Facility openings on Family Support Center websites. We also recruit through referrals of our already employed MTF staff.

retention support

We offer a retention support program for all military connected employees regardless of the sub groups people may belong to

orientation training and onboarding

  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Employee Training
  • On-boarding program
  • Mentorship program

military connected assistance

Our Human Resources department works to keep our current and previous military-connected Associates aware of positions at all of our Military Treatment Facility locations so that they may be considered to fill these roles even if not currently employed by us or if they or their families transition to a new location.

civilian credential support

We offer tuition assistance or other financial support toward the preparation, attainment, and/or maintaining of an academic or professional certificate, degree, or another civilian credential,We offer apprenticeships, internships, or other formalized, structured training program/s to assist with the attainment of a civilian credentialAssociates also are given the following opportunities for certification and credentialing:

Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) certification through direct instruction from our revenue cycle matter leadership.

Project Management Certification

Apprenticeship Program

senior leadership

Mark Mathia, Signature Performance's Chief Experience Officer, is a veteran of both the U.S. Navy and the Army. He served from 1985 to 1998

Jon Jerry, Operations Manager, is a veteran of the U.S Army. He served from February 2006 to February 2012.

Patrick Rost, Operations Manager, is a veteran of the Air Force. He served from December 2006 to August 2009.

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